While growing up in Kansas City, KS, Roger was originally a self-taught guitarist playing mainly by ear.  He was accepted and graduated from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri with a degree in music composition and guitar studies.  Roger studied guitar with the amazing Douglas Niedt and was promoted through the program quickly, actually being asked to skip ahead a semester.  Years after graduation, Roger went back to pick up the guitar portions of a master's degree.    

     While at the Conservatory, he was also studying jazz piano and arranging with John Elliot, legendary pianist and educator (Pat Metheny, Bobby Watson, Steve Cardenas, etc.), and playing piano in jazz ensembles.

     Since then, Roger's been a guest composer as part of "The Conservatory Presents" program, selected to be a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist, has won a fellowship award from and was a touring artist with the Kansas Arts Commission and Mid America Arts Alliance with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, has done award-winning soundtracks for video and television and has multiple guitar and keboard endorsements.  He is now touring as parts of the KS State Touring Roster and has a touring region throughout the Midwest.